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About Smile Labs Pdx
Smile Labs PDX meets the needs of customers who want professional, quick, and affordable teeth whitening results.  We are in the business to put your best smile forward, whether it be for your upcoming interview, a photo opportunity, your wedding, your prom, or any other special occasion where you want to show your pearly whites. 
Smile Labs PDX method is enamel safe and leaves no gum or tooth sensitivity as with other methods.  We can help get rid of the yellowing or browning effects from coffee, wine, or smoking and help make you look more confident and youthful.  Our professional-grade peroxide and our cool light method will leave your teeth 5-7 times whiter with just two 15 minute treatment.  All of our teeth whitening gels are safe, effective, and are made in the USA.

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  • If we miss your call or text, please leave a message and we will get back to you right away.

  • For your whitening experience, bring a book or tablet to catch up on reading or listen to your favorite music with your phone or mp3 player/headphones.

  • We are a by-appointment only business and are not always in office during business hours.  Always call to make sure we are in office before stopping by.

  • We are located on the second floor, last door on the right.

  • Smile Labs PDX requires 24 hour notice for the cancellation of a scheduled appointment.

  • Street parking or parking at New Seasons, if street parking is full.  New Seasons has free three hours.  ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING IN BACK OF BUILDING.

3215 NE Broadway Street
Suite 250
Portland, OR 97232

Smile Labs Pdx Hours

Schedule an appointment with us online HERE   or at  503-446-2520!  Please always call ahead to make sure we are in office if you haven't made an appointment yet.  We are a by-appointment business and are not always in office during business hours.